Di is now teaching ongoing acting classes at The Russian Arts Theater & Studio. Come study acting!
STANISLAVSKY 101 :Acting for the Basic Beginner

Mondays  6 - 8PM
April 28th - June 16th, 2014 
Tuition: $275 - 8 weeks
Instructor: Di Zhu

This class takes the fear out of acting! Geared specifically towards students with little or no previous acting experience, we will learn the fundamental principles of this ancient art form, as well as developing the tools that will enable spontaneous behavior and flexibility of expression. Based on the teachings and exercises of master teachers Konstantin Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov, we will begin each class with simple games and exercises, followed by group work in a supportive and playful atmosphere. Come and express yourself!

Classes are held at the Upper West Side in Manhattan. For information and registration, please visit www.russiantheater.org 


       Written & Directed by Jack Dennis

“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” 
         â€• Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

Di is currently cast in the role of Soren in Leo, a dark and exciting sci-fi web series about the perils of time travel. Filmed in New York, this original series will air in the summer of 2014. Footage and more information coming soon. Please stay tuned! 

                  Uncle Vanya a Sold-Out Hit! 

Actress and musician Di Zhu has just completed a four-week run of Uncle Vanya at The Stanton Street Shul, playing the role of Yelena Andrevna. The show was a sensation with audiences, and enjoyed a sold-out run. 

" The admirable Ms. Di Zhu clearly shows the balancing act that Yelena must perform every day...even when she appears carefree, Ms. Zhu never lets us forget the emotional minefield that Yelena has to protect herself from."                                  

                                        -- Moshe Bloxenheim, Reviewer

"...the best, the most organic Chekhov I've ever seen onstage in both Russian and US."

                       -- Professor Raissa Krivitsky, Cornell University